Al’s had a good year professionally, but her love life is lacking. She feels hopeless in the love arena and seeing friends getting married only adds to those feelings. When she meets Mike at a wedding, she begins to see a glimmer of hope, but will she ruin any chance at love with her overthinking mind?

Five Nights

Five Nights Of ThanksGiving

It’s been a difficult year for Al. Her professional life had seen its share of ups and downs, while her love life has experienced heartbreaks. She hadn’t felt this hopeless in years. However, when she meets Mike, who is nothing short of Prince Charming one day, she sees a glimmer of hope that she hadn’t in ages. But what to do with a bruised heart that is making Al doubt everything? As Al attends a friend’s wedding, she spends time with Mike. As her head goes into overthinking mode, her heart flutters at the sight of Mike. What does fate have in store for Al?

“5 Nights of Thanksgiving” by Alexandra Reisen is a story of healing; it’s a story of finding love in the strangest of places.